The concept of SEED (School of Entrepreneurship & Employability Development) includes both the pillars of livelihood i.e. employment and entrepreneurship. SDC believes that without promoting entrepreneurship the challenges of mobilization and placement can't be addressed and thus there are evidences where we failed to achieve the target as we focused only on skilling. This is also relevant to understand that in today's perspective the youth of India are more interested and oriented towards self-employment instead of traditional low profile full time job.

School drop-outs, women populations, marginalized community, differently able human capital and such communities can be mobilized and mainstreamed in this sector with an effective framework of training and skilling and then by providing handholding support in other domains like finance, cluster development, market building, branding, export promotion etc. can at the one hand address the un-employment challenges at the same time will also support in GDP of the country.

The project is being developed considering the various important segment of skill development and promoting entrepreneurship within the country like training of trainers, infrastructure, training of mobilized community, bank linkages, market building, branding, export promotion, supply chain etc.

SEED TPs will be delivering various program pertaining to Skill and Entrepreneurship development duly certified by NSDC, respective SSC and NIESBUD on both paid and grant model by ensuring 100% placement. Candidates will be having an option to either choose employability or entrepreneurship. At both the levels they will get hand holding support.




We don’t talk about skilling or entrepreneurship, but we talk about Livelihood. There are only two ways to generate livelihood, i.e. employment or entrepreneurship. Hence we developed Comprehensive and integrated model combining both employment and entrepreneurship. There are also only two ways to sustain a training centre, either you can run programs on paid model or you can have Government aided projects; But what if a training centre doesn’t have Governmental projects, or what if a training centre is not able to attract participants on paid model? At the same time this is also happening that a financially sound candidate avails Governmental aide and a marginalized candidate gets ignored. Again this is necessary for any training centre to integrate both paid and funded project in their daily activities. Understanding the need SDC through its project SEED introduced integrated fee model.


Most of the Governmental schemes are not able to shape the carrier of beneficiaries, in spite of their best efforts. Mobilization of candidates and placement emerged as biggest and toughest challenge for skilling industry which is evident in all the schemes. There are many reasons behind, but the main reason is that Government failed to integrate entrepreneurship with skilling; hence placement became a huge challenge. Big giant companies with huge infrastructure and financial capabilities entered into the domain, but medium and small sized organizations are heavily ignored, specifically those who are directly connected with grassroots. Lack of skilled manpower to skill the community itself is a big challenge. In short this is our firm belief that without integrating entrepreneurship with skilling, no visible result should be expected.

24th February 2017 was the date when I attended SDC workshop at Delhi (However I usually avoid attending such events). There was a session by Mr. Vishwendra N. Thakur, General Secretary, SDC. The moment he started making his presentation, the very first thought was ‘He is the man I was searching for'. And surprisingly I was right. From that date till today that particular speaker of workshop is now my mentor and we are working together for not only various skill development projects in India, but now he is also a guiding force for me. Thanks Social Development Club.

Mohd. Zainuddin Zain
Hayat Hospitals, Madhya Pradesh


Ours is a 30 years old organization headquartered at Manipur. I met Team – SDC. Decided to work with them. You will be surprised to note on the suggestion we opted for DDU-GKY project. SDC failed 5 times in initial screening and we lost around 1.5 lakh. My board started thinking like I am wasting money for some consultant, but I had a trust, a firm belief on the person leading Social Development Club – Vishwendra. Encouraged him to try again. Interestingly 6 th time we succeed. Now under kind guidance of SDC, IRDEO is implementing 5 CR project under DDU-GKY in Manipur and all credit goes to SDC. Now I feel SDC is my organization and Team SDC is my family. It's just a start, planning to expand our initiatives. God bless SDC.

KH. Kumar Singh
Founder Secretary
IRDEO, Manipur

I am an Eye Surgeon by profession and always wanted to benefit the society, hence founded an organization. I tried my level best to run and ensure growth for the organization, but because of hectic schedule and lack of knowledge I was usually cheated by various consultants. Then eventually I started working with SDC. Now we are running various projects at our own and also in collaborations. SDC is now providing us the handholding support at every step. To be honest without discussing with experts of SDC I usually don't take even a single decision. I pray for a sustainable development and growth of such organization. Many small and medium sized organizations like us, needs SDC.

Dr. Kamal Chhabrani
Founder Secretary
BHES, Nagpur, Maharashtra

The workshop organized by Social Development Club is actually terrific use of my time. I will take so much back with me to use for myself and to better my organization. All the information related to different projects under Ministries, CSR Project and other concepts are an attraction of workshop. I have a new understanding of my own influence and no longer consider myself ‘low on the totem pole.' Thank you!” SDC.

Dr. Shadab Khan, Director
Madeeha Educational Welfare Society
Uttar Pradesh

On behalf of our 32 years old society, which is running a school, a Junior college, a Hospital we were also running an Engineering college in a campus of 35 Acres. Because of downtime in higher education sector it became difficult to sustain the college. Fortunately through a common friend we came to know about organization Social Development Club and approached them to discuss the same. In 5 months of joint efforts now we are implementing 3 CR project at our campus thus happily able to benefit the young India. As we also don't have enough knowledge to run the project, SDC is providing us 24X7 assistance which encouraged us a lot. Thanks SDC. We are expecting continued support.

Subhash Hansraj Hudiya
Punjab Sewa Samittee, Nagpur, Maharashtra


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